The Monster Hunt

After having an enlightening conversation about Halloween coming in less than two weeks, Mayhem and I were reminded that we wanted to do something special this year.  In true "Danger and Mayhem" style, we decided to put together an experience for trick-or-treaters this year by creating a mobile app that would allow kids to hunt for "monsters" around the neighborhood.  These monsters were nothing more than QR codes with little monster heads in the center, but after hiding them all around our neighborhood just before it got dark, we thought it would be fun for kids to hunt for them as they collected enough candy to kill a small horse.

I know, I know.  QR codes?!  What's fun about that?  Well, we only had two weeks, so cut us some slack, will ya?  The good news is, we had a pretty big turnout and a lot of kids had fun tonight.  It wasn't exactly a good example of what is coming with our big plans to bring adventure to the world, but it was definitely worth the two-week rush job it took to get this on the app store in time.

Mayhem made a great sign to put on the side of the road for a couple weeks.  I'm totally surprised it wasn't picked up by Caltrans, but it definitely did the trick for us.


Here is our promo video for our wonderful little Halloween experiment.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience that brought us closer to all of our neighbors, if nothing else.  It also proved that there is a genuine enthusiasm for new ideas by the public.  It's time for the next step.  It's time to create some technology that can generate experiences like this for the masses.  It's time to get to work.




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