Jeremy Danger Dean

Technology Resume

Over 28 of experience in web and windows development, navigation structures, dynamic and static content maintenance, and responsive graphical interfaces.


  • Advanced skills in the Microsoft C# and VB.NET programming languages with SourceSafe integration.
  • Extremely comfortable with various technologies such as web services, window services, Bootstrap, JQuery, .NET Remoting, XML Serialization and Deserialization, IIS configuration, multi-tiered application architectures, XML-based code commenting practices for documentation generation, multi-threading, forms authentication, etc.
  • Advanced skills in SQL 2000 and above. Able to create complex relational data structures and configure SQL to maintain data integrity by use of constraints, triggers, stored procedures, transaction rollbacks, and cascading deletes.
  • Skills in .NET and SQL to create data driven online applications such as login accounts, shopping carts, search engines, email forms, guest books, database page trafficking, credit card processing, and database management tools and much more.
  • Extensive HTML hard code background. Graphic mapping, forms, frames, tables, etc.
  • Modification and implementation of JavaScript to create mouse-over events, special effects, form mailers, drop down menus, form validation, etc.
  • Proficient in web graphic design using state of the art gif animation and/or 3D software. Expert usage of Adobe tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, as well as other graphics, media and animation suites such as VUE, Adobe Premiere, etc.
  • Fast and accurate web content development. Type 80 WPM with excellent skills using web editor tools such as Visual Studio 2008 and above, Adobe Acrobat to convert DOC, TXT, RTF, or other files to HTML, PDF, etc.
  • Very skilled in current standards of web design and web technologies in order to produce professional quality websites with low download times. Skilled in web site maintenance for link assurance, debugging, etc.
  • Skilled in insuring high rankings with all search engines by creating high prominence levels using keywords in meta-tagging, graphic mapping, content, URLs, and html tagging, and more.
  • Troubleshooting skills for web design structure in all Windows platforms and in the Windows Internet Explorer, Netscape and Firefox browser environments.
  • Content management for sites that exceed 1,000 web pages, with multiple user security roles, object management, frameset management, and much more.

Skill Proficiency

C# / .NET
Microsoft SQL
Data Science
Windows IoT

Employment History

Continued work doing freelance web development and Windows application development for start-up businesses using Microsoft's .NET (C#) and SQL.

My latest projects include:

  • Acorn Entertainment - Built company web site from the ground up.
  • Mystic City - Built company web site from the ground up which included full custom shopping cart ecommerce solution for ticket sales and associated role-based admin screens.
  • The Global Martial Arts University - Built this online video course web site from scratch as an ecommerce solution for an online martial arts school based in Texas
  • The Danger and Mayhem Studio - Built this online studio web site to be a project management solution for digital books to be published on the Android and iPhone marketplaces.

Was part of a development team for creating and maintaining a web application capable of filling and configuring print orders.

Was part of a development team that focused heavily on creating dynamically generated web pages built from a database that could perform for an audience of over 1 million page views per day.

The following are some achievements while working for NADA Guides:

  • Designed and built a generic web service factory engine capable of returning XML based data through user authentication. New data methods could be added with one line of code.
  • Architected and created a configuration engine capable of reading XML files and serializing them into .NET objects enabling administrators to change web application configurations without restarting IIS.
  • Created a generic in-house windows application capable of dynamically reading any web service, analyzing and executing the methods, and displaying the return XML through the use of Reflection.

Part of a development team that develops and maintains in-house web and windows applications in C#, ASP, ASP.NET and VB6.

Played an integral part in the development and maintenance of several web site and Windows forms related projects involving various technologies.

The following are some achievements while working for Word & Brown:

  • Architected and built a secured “Single Sign-On” model to allow users from one web site to log in to another site without the need to re-enter user credentials using .NET Web Services.
  • Created a .NET themes engine in C# for allowing brokers to configure their own look and feel for their customers, including customized logos, font colors, and the creation of custom images using GDI.
  • Integrated a third party user security model (Secure Access – that made use of role-based permissions and groups.
  • Created a Newsletter generation tool for the marketing department to create template-based newsletters and send them to thousands of email recipients.
  • Produced several user maintenance sections that allow the additions and removals of user roles, passwords, contact information, etc.

Various contracts for companies including Firstsource, Computer Imaging and Design, and Zygote through Aquent.

Redesigned entire site look and feel along with navigation structure. Created and executed an exhaustive marketing plan to increase web traffic using all of the major search engine ranking techniques.

Designed graphics for the website and created Active Server Page applications for user interactivity.

Designer and Webmaster for company site. Responsible for constant creation of new web site designs and structures for incoming clients.

Reformatted entire CSS website to fit new navigation structure, and look and feel. Started from scratch in creating user access levels, or “roles” for security purposes. Also, responsible for maintaining the Customer Services Website with any content, graphics, etc.

Freelance web design for such companies as Quest Experiences, Pick Happens, Paul D. Sheriff and Associates, Haitek Graphics, SlipStream Graphics, and HALO Imaginations.