Virtual Land in the Nexaverse

The idea of buying and selling virtual land is not a new one.  However, I always wondered why it always seemed like there was this exclusive club you had to be in in order to get your hands on some virtual land.  I suppose, if you had thousands of dollars to buy some off of a current land owner, it's not really an issue.  But not everyone has that kind of money laying around.

Also, being a software engineer since the 90's, it is almost impossible not to see through some of the hype and look at what is actually happening here.  I would hope that at least the majority of enthusiasts in the world realize that when you purchase virtual land on the blockchain, the word "land" is just that.  A word.  You're not actually buying land.  You're buying hard disk space, and not even that much at that.

So why is virtual land selling for so much?  I think it's part fantasy, part dreaming, part "what if"?  Also, the fact that platforms like decentraland only offer a finite amount of lots to purchase increases the value of each plot of land.  Perhaps the fascination of buying and selling is the fun and profitable part.  Maybe it's not owning the land itself right now, but the fact that everyone is excited about what they will be able to do with it one day.  Or, perhaps no one really knows what they are really doing and are buying into all kinds of false information, information they haven't bothered to disprove.

Here's what I'm willing to bet.  After the Metaverse gets off the ground and starts taking off, we won't be trading land anymore.  Like NFT's, the novelty will have slowed down and people will finally realize that the land they are buying is no longer special, since you will eventually be able to buy land from a thousand other companies, many of which will be cheap and better quality than Decentraland.

With Nexaverse Worlds, we intend to skip straight to that step and offer everyone in the world their own planet as virtual land.  Not only will you get more land, an entire planet in fact, but it will be affordable for everyone.  We believe this is where the Metaverse will end up, anyway, so we're just doing it now.  We want everyone to be able to own land, build anything they want on it, rent it out, start their own businesses, hold their own concerts and conventions, and much much more.  It's just hard disk space.  Everyone should be able to have that.

So, we have started by releasing our first 500 worlds for sale on OpenSea.  We are using the proceeds from these sales to develop a creator platform that will make it easy for anyone to build anything they want on their planets.  If this sounds intriguing to you in the slightest, I'd like to invite you to take a look at our selection and consider purchasing one for yourself.  There is so much that is going into Nexaverse Worlds that we havent' even talked about in this post.  Space exploration, crafting and selling vehicles and equipment, getting caught in the middle of story-driven experiences throughout limitless galaxies, hosting social events, advertising your real world businesses and so much more.

Let's finally build what others only talk about.  Let's build it together.

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