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I've been professionally developing software since the 90's.  I've been using software for much longer than that.  Even when I was a child, the fascination of being able to build your own worlds has captured.  The problem has consitently been that I've always yearned for more from any tool that was presented to me.  Whether free or paid, the tools for creating your own worlds have always been too simple for me to capture my imagination.  Most, if not all, give you the ability to place rocks, trees, buildings, maybe some hills and sky colors, maybe some NPC characters, and maybe some other details.  For me and what I was searching for, this was barely cracking the egg open.

Join me on a quick little blast from the past.  Remember Disney Infinity?  If you don't, you can read about it here.  If you do, then you probably already know what I'm going to say.  This may arguably be one of the best platforms for creating your own worlds, as it not only made it easy to place objects down on a landscape, but it also enabled you to control certain behaviors of objects and characters.  In my opinion, it was geared toward a younger crowd, yet it captured adult audiences on a large scale.  I believe this is because adults are craving the ability to build their own worlds as much as any child.

This is why we are placing a heavy focus on what you can actually do with the worlds you purchase within Nexaverse Worlds.  There will be three different build modes, mainly for three levels of skill when it comes to the general audience being able to have fun with this feature.

Easy Mode
For builders that either want to quickly get their own world built and populated, or for users that do not have the ability or interest to learn advance techniques, the easy mode presents the ability to build your world in the simplest way possible.  Users will be able to mark off entire areas and territories and populate them with a combination of objects of their choosing with a simple click of a button.  Click a button to populate a custom area with vast forests, jungles, or even entire cities.  After these items are placed, they can be modified by changing their properties manually.

Manual Mode
In Manual Mode, users will be able to achieve greater control and precision by browsing our 3D model archive and placing 3D models of rocks, trees, buildings, vehicles, characters and countless other objects by clicking and dragging them into their virtual world.  By placing object manually, you will be able to get your world exactly how you want it.

Advanced Mode
Certain features require a level of control that will take some learning.  For those that aren't intimidated by this, we will offer a visual scripting engine to precisely control the behavior of your world, objects and characters.  For example, maybe you will want a character to greet visitors of your world when they first land.   Or maybe you want certain events to trigger when users entire a predefined area.  Or, maybe you will want a fight to break out if a user performs an action, like stealing or trespassing.  These are game mechanics that everyone who owns a world will have access to.  With these features in place, there is nothing stopping world owners from creating games and adventures on their planets for others to enjoy.

Another feature for advanced users is the ability to build your own models in an external 3D modeling application like Blender or Cinema4D, and import them into Nexaverse Worlds to use in your own creations.  You will also have the ability to sell your custom 3D models to other users to use in their worlds if you wish.  This is just one example of how users can make money in the Nexaverse.  

Of course, the fun won't stop there.  We will also be incorporating terrain modification tools for making hills, valleys and more.  You'll also be able to manipulate some features of any life forms that inhabit your planet.  There is really no limit to the possibilities of building your world and our main goal for this platform is to make sure we incorporate the most flexible and versatile world building system ever created.

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